The Beginning of a Journey. 

As the great metallic wings of the plane shudder, I shiver too. A bubbling of excitement rushes through me every time I’m on an airplane, though the energy of this trip feels different. It feels special somehow, as if embarking on it has cosmic relevance.

Before I have the chance to indulge in this train of thought fully I am brought back to the present moment on the Tarmac. L.A with its muted yellow and brown landscape sizzles in the heat. I can see dirty peaks of distant mountains peaking out between buildings. We slowly drift to our take off position. I already feel so far from home.

After a few moments we are racing down the runway. The great metallic bird swiftly lifts into the air. I look down to little sailboats scattered on the ocean’s surface. The boats turn to specks and I peer one last time at the rugged mountains of L.A. I look out the window until all I can see is a calming blue abyss that melts into a sleepy horizon. 

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