Day 6 – Energy Healing

Our morning yoga practice is focused on the third chakra, Manipura, associated with power and identity. This chakra rests just above the navel. The asanas we are guided into intend to build heat in our bodies, and in our spiritual selves. We do a lot of twists and abdominal work. My foot begins to burn with each asana; from Warrior 1 to Deep lunge. Every Downward Dog is like stepping back onto loose nails. It feels like leftover spines of the urchin are being pushed up farther into the ball of my foot as I ground deeper into my mat. I can visualize the. Scat hing, releasing be on deeper into my blood. I hold back tears though my eyes become glassy. I am able to bury it during the 5 minute practice test where I am told I have great energy.

I speak to the yoga teacher Allison when class is over. She looks at me with compassion and care in her eyes; Bits of hazel, green and yellow flicker all at the same time. I tell her I’m all in my head, with worry and stress. I have been scarred from the ocean; every time I close my eye I relive the puncture, see those scratching black needles. I don’t even want to visit the ocean, though I can’t walk there anyways. I can’t escape the pain. I fear I’m causing harm with each step. We decide its best to visit the doctor in town.

After jumping her car, we head into town. We talk easy, her calmness wears off on me instantly. I ask about the birth of Yandara, and the journey that brought her here. She completed her first teacher training at 24, then met the Yandara in Mexico years later. She discovered Reiki when assisting the pope’s right hand man, a very renowned priest who was training with Yandara. He told her her touch was healing.

I am in and out of the Clinic. The doctor assures me Hawaiian urchins are venom-less and walking on the foot is good, as it breaks up the spines that are stuck in there. Allison and I pick up bandages and topical cream before heading back. Apart from the doctor’s advice, I feel my spirits are lifted from being in Allison’s company. Without even knowing it, perhaps I received unconscious energy healing. My worries fade and stresses drift on the warm Hawaiian breeze. I return back to Kirpal fresh and anew.

The night is followed by vibrant dancing. We stand in a circle and one by one enter it, expressing ourself through the music that echoes in the pavilion. We laugh, warmly deeply and authentically at the energy each person possesses. We dance with our eyes closed, feeling the beat coursing through our blood. Letting all thought processes go, I think how freeing this all is and how glad I am to be in this moment.

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