Day 7 – Human Experience

This morning I walk to the ocean at sunrise with Abby, Trish, Jo, Rebecca and Brenda. We climb up to the lifeguard stand and I lead us through a meditation. The day bursts to life with a parade of colour as I read a passage from my book about freezing negative energy, in order to be unaffected by it. I tell them to listen to the crashing of the waves. They barrel and break loudly like thunder creeping in. They are larger than normal this morning. Jo says they’ve been too massive to surf on for days. Perhaps it’s because Monday will be a new moon. The yogis sit silently and still moments after I cue them to open their eyes. It is only when I gently say, “Namaste,” do they shift and respond. We climb down the lifeguard stand and head to the boat launch where we descend into the ocean from. Brenda, the Cosmic Mama, has tears in her eyes. The waves,” she snuffs, her gentle eyes sparkling. “It was like I released so much into them.” I hug her and we walk to the water together, arm in arm.

After morning asana we have a break. I rest, tend to my foot (the remnants of the urchin’s spine has yet to fall out, though the vinegar and topical cream have helped some) and read “The Tao of Pooh” on my balcony.

After lunch our instructor, Allison, offers a Reiki certification class. I am undecided at first but decide at the last minute to join in. When I enter the yogis are sitting in a circle around an alter set up on the floor. This is just a circular crochet tablecloth underneath a beautiful square tapestry that has a brightly coloured heart on it. Trish quietly tells me to put my mala and necklace on the alter. When I ask why she replies, “to charge it up!” I manage a hesitant “okay,” as I begin to strip off my mala and quartz necklace. I place them in a straight line on the alter, pointing towards where I sit.

Allison begins by performing Reiki on the group. I sit cross legged as she makes her way slowly around the circle to me. My eyes are closed and my hands rest in Anjali prayer mudra, at the heart’s centre. When she touches my head, I almost fall completely over to the side. The crown of my head is unbelievably ticklish all of a sudden and I need to place my hands down on the floor to steady myself. I recover and again find a calm cross legged position. That is, until she comes around again. Each touch is unbearably ticklish and even though I don’t topple over I dip unsteadily to each side. After the session is done we all talk about our experience. “I was ticklish,” I say when it is my turn to talk. “I almost fell over from the sensation.” Allison looks over at me; Her green, hazel eyes still and focused. A smile rests casually on her lips. “Yah I bet,” she laughs. “Your energy was out to here!” She reaches her hand two feet above her head to show me.

I partner up with Trish and Brenda for practice Reiki sessions. It is my turn to go first. With my eyes closed, I lie on a yoga mat. (Really it is three yoga mats: Brenda, Trish’s and mine stacked on top of one another.) The girls stand above me and first feel around my energy field, reading and listening to my aura. I hear Allison instructing them to make their way from the crown of my head to my feet. As they do this, I suddenly feel a wave of sensation course through my body. I am tingling all over.

They begin to work on certain chakra areas that need extra attention, (as Allison directs them to do so from the far corner of the room). Even with closed eyes I notice a shift occur in the room. Something more sacred is taking place now. I can feel it. The sensations I feel increase with each passing minute. I can feel energies of love, support, caring, strength, and positivity from my practitioners. I feel blockages deep within my chest and lower stomach burst open. I feel numb directly on the crown of my head. I lose all sense of time and awaken only when Trish slowly rocks my shoulder. I sit up slowly, adjusting my eyes and mind back to reality. “How was that, Buddy?” Asks Trish. Brenda is smiling. I sit for a moment before speaking. I feel my body. Cleansed, calm, and peaceful. I am drained physically but invigorated and energized mentally, perhaps spiritually. “That was the most powerful experience I’ve ever had,” I manage. “I know, I felt it too,” says Brenda, with that nurturing Cosmic Mama type smile. “It was definitely intense,” Trish agrees. “Who’s next?” I say, standing.

In the evening the group again unites and we watch the documentary “I Am.” It is about positive energy and how our main purpose on the earth is to spread this energy to all living things. Although it is really interesting, I fall asleep halfway through. I am exhausted and my spiritual limit has been reached for the day.

When the light come back on Craig is standing above the group saying, “We are not Human beings having a Spiritual experience, but rather, Spiritual beings having a Human experience.” I ponder the thought well I to my dreams. 

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