Day 9 – A Million Hugs

Just over the halfway mark through training. Today I’m really tired. Brenda was tired too, and Megan, our instructor, says in our morning class that she had been up all night. It must have been some lunar shift that has made us all restless in our dreams.

Today I’m sore as well. Morning practice is beautiful but challenging; I feel I am getting stronger though I also notice a tightness in my body; a concentrated pain between my shoulder blades. I have popped ribs out of place from doing yoga and pushing myself too far before. It feels a little like this.

I partner with Abbey for practicing poses. We do forward folds and inversions. My favourite pose is a handstand, though I’m still unable to hold it. Megan leads us through a fist assist. Here, the instructor places a fist between the practitioners’ thighs, near the knees, to help stabilize them in the pose. It builds up core strength and balance in an encouraging way.

I have dinner like always around the long picnic table surrounded by the other yogis. When most of everyone leaves I end up chatting with Marita, a Norwegian girl with bright eyes and long blonde hair. She lives on Oahu Island and has been there for two years, completing a masters degree. I find out she’s from the same small Norwegian town that my grandma grew up in. I laugh as I try to say, “Hagabostad,” with the same accent as Marita. After delving deeper into our families histories, Marita and I discover that we are both only daughters with two brothers, one older and younger.

Pretty soon it is time for Satsang. The sangha, our small community of like-minded people, gather in the yoga Shala for singing. I strum the djembe as Allison sings and breathes life into her harmonium. The night is beautiful; our voices, reciting ancient Sanskrit, blend together in harmony. We sit for a few moments after each song, feeling the energy. I can feel the palpable goodness of what we created in the room. It is unlike anything I’ve experienced before. When the wooden Shala grows still, the group breaks out into a million hugs. It warms my heart and I think how much I love genuinely everyone here. Moments later, I curl into bed with a smile on my warm and happy face. 

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