Day 16 – Graduation

On the last day of training we forgo the usual silent morning yoga class and breakfast. We have Yang class first, then enjoy a Yin practice after our stomachs are smiling. Natalie is in the fourth of the group to teach, and closes it off in Savasana. She has made me emotional in Savasana twice now, and today is no exception.

We find out that our schedules are free until Satsang and Graduation tonight. Jo and Rebecca want to hitchhike into town so I join them. It seems fitting, since they were the first people that I met to spend the last day together. In town, we purge the aisles of the all natural food store, share a pint of ice cream, buy used books and shop around a little before hitchhiking home. We catch a ride from two men on their way to the hot ponds.

We arrive back to the centre with enough time to spend a moment alone before dinner. I decide to hula hoop and read. I can now keep the hula going for three songs, before it falls. Dinner is bittersweet; we all share travel plans and mention much we’ll miss our Yandara Ohana (that’s Hawaiian for family). I nibble on some chocolate while cuddling up next to Natalie. The though of not seeing her makes me want to cry. I keep telling myself not to get emotional, at least not yet.

When Satsang rolls around I am close to tears. We sing and then Craig has us gather around in a circle holding hands. I can’t contain myself and love pours warm down my cheeks and onto my chest. I am crying within the melody, wiping my hot face during lyrical pauses. The group ceremony begins. There is more singing, some hugging and Megan hands us our certificate with a cheek to cheek smile and a “congratulations!” Most of the group is either emotional or on the verge of, and we are all full, satisfied, in love with our time spent together. The music is turned on, and we dance. We move and let loose, both like old ancient friends and strangers excitedly meeting for the first time. We lose our fears on the warm Hawaiian breeze, we send our worries to the goddess Pele. We shake off sadness with every move and instead love resonates in the air. The energy of the yoga Shala swells and one by one yogis, who I crossed paths with just a short 16 days ago, trickle away. They saunter back to their rooms with a full heart and a mind full of tomorrows. I hug each with my heart. It feels as though my heart is reaching through the barrier of my skin to touch them directly, letting them know they are truly loved. “You are amazing,” they say. “You are amazing,” I say. I fall asleep thinking about the quote, “don’t be sad because it is over, be grateful that it happened.” 

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