Day 37

On my 37th days on big island I board a plane for Maui. It is a small detour on my way back to Canada. My friend Ekahi and Rosha Elle, his new housemate, drive me to the Hilo airport as they are moving the next day and have pre-moving errands to run. We pick up a desk, groceries, dry cleaning and dog food. I help them by carrying the slabs of glass that rest on the top of the desk and load them into the truck. I run into Rachel Short who came to speak to our Yandara group about her personal journey with yoga. I was completely inspired by her and grateful to brush upon her presence in the city. Get in touch with me, she says. I will be hosting workers on my farm in few months and I’d love for you to stay. I take her words and store them, promising her and myself that I will be back on Big Island again soon.

I think about the night before where I was sitting and staring at the full moon light that illuminated the ocean. I was next to Todd on my yoga mat on the lawn. We had just tired ourselves from an across yoga session and were catching our breath. A man threw a glow in the dark ball for his dog as we were looking to the sea. The ball rolled towards us. Beautiful night, we said. Sure is, he said. Sometimes whales jump in that patch of light under the moon. You may just see one.If that happens, I told Todd, I’m not leaving. I’m cancelling my flights. He seemed to straighten up and look to the light with more focus.

The night before then I had a dream that I was about to go on a plane but decided to forgo the ride. Instead, I found myself walking and looking up to its extended wings above in the sky. Suddenly there was a terrible noise and I saw one of its wings hanging by sparkling. In a sudden jolt and gust of smoke and flame, it shot down to the earth in a cascading spiral of destruction. I kept walking, in a state of awkward consternation, towards the unknown. However shortly, I found myself walking through the familiar streets of Pahoa once again.

I hug Ekahi at the airport. Thank you thank you thank you, I say about everything. You are a blessing. Rosha Elle hugs me too. I feel connected with her, having bonded over the events of the last couple hours. Her sweet soft eyes look at me in a clear, caring way. I believe you’ll be back Rosha Elle says. Me too, says Ekahi. See you soon, I say before they drive off, back to Pahoa.




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