Officially Grounded

I fall into an easy flow on the HAF. Yoga is consistent; first we all have our independent practice then after some time I begin teaching yoga classes to Todd, Bob and Alanna in the mornings. I notice the shift unifies the group. Sometimes Alanna’s puppy Dezzy darts around the space, pushing his snout into armpits, hip creases or faces of the practitioners. It is mildly distracting but when I remark it is an “added challenge to stay focused,” everyone agrees. Work on the farm is consistent; I love taking care of the plants, and I even help Bob plant arugula in raised planter beds one morning. My relationship with Todd is consistent as well; we work together and apart with ease, we cook long meals and discuss many topics as we enjoy our creations, we sing to each other and practice the ukelele and once a week we dance. Deep in the jungle at Garden Temple, we listen to the rhythms of each other’s hearts and develop an unspoken language together. It’s hard to pinpoint the exact moment when love brushed into HAF and landed cautiously on the property, but within the time I am transitory, the relationships evolves into something concrete. Weeks go by swiftly and soon I am sitting in the kitchen with Bob and Todd to discuss staying on for longer.

Bob’s hair is pulled back into a tight, wispy ponytail and his eyes are focused on mine. He has the type of gaze that is sure to have seen other worlds while at the same time immensely focused on the present moment at hand. Guru Bob’s eyes teach me to not sleep walk through my days but show up alert and alive, and with purpose. I’d like to officially adopt you, Bob says. He offers a work exchange with daily yoga as part of my responsibilities. I look over at Todd, at the deep indigo blue that penetrates through his stare. I think it’s an amazing idea, he says, mirroring Bob’s sentiment. I smile.

At this moment, I have to accept that whatever is happening is perfect and magical. There is a reason I landed here after arriving on Big Island. I have been feeling a deep sense of purpose and calm immediately on arriving to HAF. Even through the transitory nature of my situation, this is where I’ve felt most at home and most grounded. I feel the palpable energy of this place and being in the depth of its creation, I know something special is in the works right now. I also have been feeling abundant support from the Ohana. From Todd, my sweet friend who is my comfort, my pal and now someone who I have grown to love. From Bob, who teaches me about mindfulness in the gardens, and how to live in peace and prosperity. And from Alanna, who shares my love of writing and encourages me to keep consistent with it; who is my confidante and bis sister. Whatever is happening, I trust, it is somehow divinely orchestrated and presented for my own growth and happiness.

After a few moments I smile. I turn my gaze to Bob and look at him straight on with intention. I’d love to stay, I say. I feel my body exhale a breath I didn’t know I was holding on to.

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