Bend Don’t Break is a philosophy that encourages flexibility, in life, in our bodies and our perspectives.

We are a world of students and teachers. When we show up with a beginners mind, we are more receptive to the wisdom of others and the lessons of the world. And when we show up confidently in our own minds and identity of who we are and what we want, we always have something valuable to offer to others and the universe.

We are also our own teachers. When we listen to ourself and trust our instinct, magic happens all around and within us. When we trust the voice inside that tells us when to rest and how hard to push ourself further into growth, we grow diligently into the people we are meant to become. When we love and trust this inner voice, we begin to understand that it is speaking the wisdom of the soul. We hear it best when we are in touch with our bodies and our hearts. Om Namo Guru Dev Namo. This means, I honour the Divine teacher that resides in us all.

Stay open in heart and mind and be receptive. Be strong and stand for what you believe in. But always, always remember to bend.

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